Whose Body Is This Anyway? Part 1- And this belly?

The other day, while taking a shower- a quick shower- somewhere around soaping my tummy, I stopped and wondered ”what the hell happened here?!”.

Now I know I had a baby. I know my belly went from being the size of a LARGE watermelon to the size of- well… a smaller watermelon but jeez!

My friend Daniella, who really gives me great advice and is always there to give an encouraging word, always reminds me ”It took you 9 months to get this new body, don’t stress to get your body back to the way it was in 2 months”.

She’s absolutely right.

Everyone knows that during pregnancy, your body changes. There are the obvious physical changes that everyone is more or less aware of. Then there are the internal ones that maybe not everyone talks about.

Let’s start with the belly!

BLACK BELLY- During my pregnancy, I obsessively rubbed cocoa butter on my stomach every day- in the morning and at night. I would have my mother send me blocks of cocoa butter with anyone I knew who was coming from Trinidad because I couldn’t find it in Madrid. I was 8 and a half months pregnant with not a stretch mark in sight. 


Now, I have pretty dark skin- deep mocha, I like to say. So I was quite shocked when I happened to look at my belly a few days after having my son and notice that it was black. I’m not talking about the ‘linea nigra’; I mean my entire belly was black. 

Apparently, this is hyperpigmentation which has different causes and can show up on any part of your body. During and after pregnancy, it’s mainly due to hormone (mainly progesterone) levels. 

If this new tummy colour wasn’t enough, it was also now covered in stretch marks. Lord knows l wasn’t pleased

Now, 5 months later, my stomach  has more or less returned to its normal colour but unfortunately, I haven’t found a ”cure” for stretch marks. They’re somewhat less visible and no longer itchy but they’re there. I make sure to put lotion on my stomach after I shower. Just that and hoping for the best but I’m not holding my breath.

SOFT JIGGLY FLABBY BELLY- I have never really been a skinny chick with a flat stomach (past the age of about 18 or 19) and I’ve never really cared to be. The one thing I’ve always been was thick skinned and firm- literally. Nothing jiggled unnecessarily. Well, until giving birth!

It’s recommended that you wait at least 6 weeks to begin/resume exercising if you’ve had a vaginal birth. The time is longer after a caesarean birth- for obvious reasons. I waited my 6 weeks and got the all clear to do light exercises. So I started off going to yoga for Mummy & Baby. I also tried exercising at  home. Let’s just say, I started this almost 3 months ago and I’m only today on day 3. Every time I tried t exercise, my baby would suddenly be extra fussy or need to be fed or changed. I took comfort in the fact that breastfeeding burns calories.

Now that my son is a little older and can entertain himself for a little bit, it’s become a little easier to exercise. I highly recommend this program I’m currently doing- 8fit. It can be done at home and on your own time . The program offers short, effective workouts, tailored to your specific goals. There are also meal plans and delicious recipes.

It will probably be hard to start whatever you decide to do- unless you are a fitness enthusiast. Whatever it is, start small. It can be as simple as taking your baby for a walk and walking 5 minutes longer. Every little bit counts. And while it may take a while to get that flat (or whatever you had before) stomach back, I can assure you that you will feel much better by just doing something for yourself.

WHAT THE GAS? The last thing I’m going to mentnion quickly has to do what goes on inside the body. I’m not going to get all biological or too graphic. But basically, after all that moving and stretching your organs experience during pregnancy, they need time to settle back into place. With this settling come (or goes) lots of gas.

My only advice is to take it in stride and in good humour. SO you fart 3 or 4 times in a row without trying- and maybe you have company? Oh well! Shit happens- not literally-at least not to me- but you just grew and gave birth to a little person. You can be excused- pun intended!

Did anything out of the ordinary or totally unexpected happen to your tummy after having your baby? I’d love to read about it.  Leave me a comment!


8 thoughts on “Whose Body Is This Anyway? Part 1- And this belly?”

  1. I love your posts! Just this week I was looking at my new body and wondering if it’ll look like it used to.
    My belly button stuck out for my entire pregnancy and I got a hernia at the final 2 weeks. Now that my belly button is back to “innie” status, I just noticed it’s black like you mentioned your tummy was. It’s incredible how our bodies work.

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    1. Thanks Rahel! I didn’t go too into it but yes, my belly button was also WEIRD! It didn’t turn into a full outie but it definitely protruded A LOT. And it stayed big and black for a while. It maybe went back to normal about a month ago. So has the colour of my tummy.

      I probably can’t address everything in a post, because then they’d be too long. But I encourage and love discussion in the comments! 🙂


  2. At 38 weeks I started to notice some few, little, and very itchy stretch marks too. Guess that there was nothing I could do about it. 😦 not to mention the black belly..! It’s really a great and long transformation so not only should we be patient but also accept that maybe our bodies will never be the same again. You look just fine, though 😉

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    1. Hey! Maybe 38 weeks is some sort of turning point haha. Liam was born at 38 weeks and 4 days. I guess our bodies may not be the same again but we can do the best with what we have and take care of it! 🙂

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  3. Your posts are so honest they make me laugh out loud! Brilliant! You had a fine body all through your pregnancy and now you have the most gorgeous baby ever! We will get these bodies back! Let’s give ourselves at least the same amount of time it took for us to grow the bumps (nine months!) 😊👌🏼
    P.S check out my friends page on Facebook and instagram kirstinallenfab she’s a fitness guru specialising in getting back into shape after pregnancy! (Check her body after having twin boys!).

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  4. This blog is off to a good start. A refreshing break from the holier-than-thou mommy blogs, which are a dime a dozen.
    I never got stretch marks. Either because I got some lucky genes or because I never carried to term (seems like those nasty stretch marks make their appearance in the very last weeks of pregnancy). I did however have diastis recti, where the muscles of the abdominal wall weaken and separate leaving you looking like you are still with child. This was more evident with my second child. Despite having dropped down to my post-pregnancy weight, through strenuous exercise and healthy diet, I was still having people give up their seats on the metro when my son was already 6 moths old! Talk about deflating my self esteem. Fast forward 1.5 years my body is in the best shape of my adult life. It took a lot of work to get there. But it reassured me that through determination a woman can go back to her post-baby body. It is not the priority for some moms and that is okay too.

    Keep up the great work. I will be following your blog.


    1. Hi Christine! Thank you for your cooment. I’m glad y ou like the blog so far. I’m definitely NOT the ‘holier than thou’ type! LOL!

      I’ve heard of diastis recti. There are exercises you can do to help strenghten the muscles. I’m glad you’re in great shape and you’re right, there’s a lot we can do with some determination!
      Thank for following. I appreciate it!


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