Hey there!

I took a little (maybe long) hiatus from writing.

Life just got busy, I guess! I also felt like I wasn’t getting the response I had initially hoped for with my blog. Not so much from strangers; but from people who I would expect to really be supportive. However, you can’t base your happiness on other people, furthermore their reactions. 

I think it was while I was reading through my comments and messages people have sent in response to my posts and I realised, there are people out there that read my posts and there are people out there that like my posts and find them encouraging, helpful; or at least, funny! 

So while I may never be ‘the next big thing’ when it comes to blogging, I am content with helping who I can and grateful for those of you who follow and support!

I have a few posts that I need to publish and a few ideas for posts that I am working on. Thank you for your continued support. 


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