A Bit about Breastfeeding & People’s 2 cents

Just before Liam turned 3 months, breastfeeding became difficult. I felt like I could not keep up with his demand. Now, I definitely had the supply, but he would feed for such long periods of time and so frequently that I was just sore and miserable. I tried the Medela Nipple Shields and I actually went into a store that specialises in these things to ensure I was getting the correct size and everything. It didn’t work.

I tried pumping and feeding him my milk from the bottle but then he would finish the bottle and want more milk. It was just easier to let him latch on than defrost my frozen milk which was slowly but surely depleting.

I honestly think breastfeeding should be an intimate moment between mummy and baby to be enjoyed. The problem was, I wasn’t enjoying it. I was irritable or I was crying. I was upset that I was in pain but determined to feed my baby, since at this point, his only source of nutrition was my milk.

My husband kept telling me to “just give him formula” but the formula we brought home with us the day we brought him home, after he had it once, he was constipated for 3 days. So I turned to the “wise” old Internet and started researching alternatives to breast milk. That’s when I stumbled on goat’s milk formula.

What a Godsend! According to different sources (and Liam’s pediatrician), goat’s milk is a bit gentler on the stomach and is more similar to human breast milk than cow’s milk. I have found information to contradict this so please don’t go on my word only. If you are considering goat’s milk formula for your baby, talk with his/her pediatrician first.

In our case, it worked well. He had no stomach issues and he seemed to be indifferent to the taste. We opted for an organic goat’s milk formula by Holle’s. It was a bit pricey but it was worth it. I used it whenever I was too sore to breastfeed. Sometimes taking an entire day off of him latching on but making sure to pump every few hours to keep up my supply.

I started introducing solids to Liam at about 5 and a half months. Prior to that he had tried a little spoon of fruit purée here and there but he didn’t seem to like it, so I didn’t insist. He seemed to like vegetables more than fruits, so every few days he would get a little bit of  a steamed vegetable.

I chose to loosely follow the Baby Led Weaning (BLW) method. As our pediatrician so rightly put it: we don’t eat just purées or only soups or only solids, we eat a mix and babies should do the same- age appropriately, of course.

Honestly, I am too lazy to make purées and spoon feed a baby several times a day! So BLW was the best choice for me. If you choose to start off with mashed food, then introduce solid bits, or breastfeed exclusively, that’s a personal choice. Whatever you do, I advise that you consult with your pediatrician, in case your baby might need a dietary supplement or something. Just don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for doing what’s right for YOUR baby.

People tend to be very judgemental when it comes to how OTHERS raise their children. Everyone has an opinion and everyone is an expert! If you are a first time mum, coupled with your hormones that still might be all over the place, you might take some of this advice [read criticism] to heart. I have been told everything from I’m not feeding my son enough to start cutting down on breastfeeding to I should not be giving him solid food yet (when he was 8 months).

I think what might be worse than all the unsolicited advice, is when people compare while trying to sound like they aren’t. So they will mention that they have never given their child formula, right when you’re preparing a bottle for your baby. Or make comments about how painful or stressful they think something you’re doing would be for their baby.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to be as confident as you possibly can when it comes to raising your child. You have an innate maternal instict and deep down, you know exactly what your baby needs and if you don’t that’s ok. But please, consult a professional when you have doubts. Never feel silly about your doubts, that’s what these professionals are there for- and by professional, I mean a pediatrician, nurse or midwife.

Raising a little human is hard and even the best of us don’t have it all figured out. Trust yourself and do your best! It tends to get easier.

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